Graduation of the First Group of the English Intensive Course Level I (Technical English for Sea inspections)
given to Captains, Officers, Enlisted personnel, and Seamen from Navy facilities and Naval Unites

Mexico, City.- The English Course Level I (Technical English for Sea inspections) - First Group, was imparted in the facilities of the Centro de Estudios Superiores Navales ( Higher Naval Studies Center) from May 2nd to June 9th , 2023. In accordance with the course’ objective, students will be able to use basic sea inspection terminology in English and communicate with crew members from foreign ships while maintaining a good grammar use, a correct pronunciation and a well understanding of English basic vocabulary. On June 9th, 2023, twenty students (01 captain, 03 officers, 05 enlisted personnel and 11 seamen) from different navy facilities and naval unites completed the course and each one received their corresponding certificates and statements of results.

Center for Higher Naval Studies
Publication Date
June 9th, 2023