XIV Inter-institutional Meeting of General Staffs
for Maritime Cooperation between Colombia and Mexico

Mexico City.- Today on August 29th, the Staffs of the Republic of Colombia and the United Mexican States inaugurate in this Center for Higher Naval Studies, the "XIV Interagency Meeting for Maritime Cooperation", an event of transcendental importance in the field of security and naval collaboration, which will conclude on August 31st of this year. Its purpose is to strengthen bilateral ties and promote cooperation in maritime affairs between the two nations.

This event is held as a space for the exchange of experiences, knowledge and perspectives in the maritime and naval field, with the outstanding presence of the Colombian Delegation, headed by Vice Admiral Orlando Grisales Franceschi, Chief of Naval Operations of the Colombian Navy Command, accompanied by the Colombian delegation, which includes experts in various areas, contributing their vision and commitment in the search for joint solutions.

Vice Admiral Carlos Eduardo L'Eglise Escamilla, Deputy Chief of Operations of the General Staff of the Mexican Navy, gave some welcoming words at the opening ceremony. His message emphasized the importance of international cooperation in the promotion of maritime security, the fight against transnational crime and the preservation of the marine environment, highlighting the strong relationship between the two nations and the potential for collaboration that this meeting represents.

The Mexican Navy and the Colombian Navy reaffirm their commitment to peace, security and cooperation in the region, and are confident that this XIV Interagency Meeting will strengthen the ties between the two nations and advance common goals for a safer and more stable maritime environment.

Center for Higher Naval Studies
Publication Date
Agust 29th, 2023